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4 Steps to a Fitter and Healthier You!

I have always believed that diet and exercise go hand in hand! It is a lot easier to make those healthier food choices when you are motivated through exercise. You also feel better during exercise when you are properly fuelled through your healthier food choices. The choice of exercise could be anything from something as intense as CrossFit to simply going for a daily walk. However, when it comes to weight loss, some form of weight or resistance training is essential. But more on that in another post😉.

This is all a lot easier said than done. I know, I have been there, in fact, I am constantly there! It is hard to maintain and be consistent when it comes to eating healthier and training harder!

I would like to just share a few points with you that involve no specifics on what you should be doing in training or in your eating, but rather tools that you can implement in your daily life to make the actual process easier.

People often get caught in the trap of jumping between different diets and training programs claiming that they did not work. Trust me, if the diet puts you in a calorie deficit and your goal is to lose weight, the diet will work. The make-or-break factor is your ability to stay disciplined and consistent for long enough to warrant results!

At the end of the day, the best eating and training program is the one that you can stick to!

*There are other factors that need to be factored in to classify this as healthy weight-loss. But that was not my point.

Do it for you and enjoy it!

This point taps into our psychology and our reasons for dieting and training. If you starve yourself, eat mundane food every day and perform exercises that make you roll your eyes every time you do it, chances are you will not stay committed for very long. If you are crazy enough to stick to that for some time, sure you may get results, but you are probably going to be miserable half the time, and eventually fall off the wagon anyway.

It is going to benefit you far more to adopt an eating plan that you can enjoy and sustain which can provide allowance for your lifestyle. Yes, the results may take longer, but the habits you develop will ensure you are not on a rollercoaster ride picking up weight every season of the year! It is also so important to try and make exercise an enjoyable part of your daily life. Exercise with your partner, your kids, your friends. Find a community of people that enjoy what you enjoy. Challenge yourself but most importantly: Be consistent!

There is nothing wrong with getting help!

Changing the way you eat and train is a major undertaking, not something to approach half-heartedly.

People who generally get the best results are those who actively decide for themselves they want to make the change in their life—as opposed to someone who signs up for a nutrition challenge or joins a gym because a friend talked them into it.

If you are not committed to the process, it is almost impossible to make healthy decisions at every meal. The motivation to improve your diet must come from within, not from a friend, co-worker or relative.

Tracking your food and training can be so valuable!

There are some great apps out there such as ‘MyFitnessPal’ that can assist you in logging your daily food intake. This helps to take the emotion out of it and rather put the focus and emphasis into data!

Data cannot be argued with, “if you eat this much, you will eventually look like this” or “if you eat these foods with this macro breakdown, your training will feel like this”.

Tracking your foods helps bring on results because you can make changes that are aligned with your goals. You will be surprised as to how many people believe they are most definitely in a calorie deficit but cannot understand why they are not losing weight when in fact, they are nowhere near a deficit!

There are many nuances and areas you can focus on within your diet such as vitamin and mineral intake, but at the end of the day when it comes to weight management, the most important factor is calories in vs calories out and that cannot be controlled if it cannot be tracked!

Tracking you training times, weights, distances, calories burned, steps taken can also add major value in gamifying your training regime, keeping it exciting, keeping it challenging and keeping you committed for longer!

Commit to the process and be patient!

The reason I am placing emphasis on tools rather than a specific plan is because it is so important to realise that this journey you are starting on, is a process and not an overnight fix!

You can commit to a 12-week diet plan that is incredibly harsh and sure you will get results, but, what happens after those 12 weeks are over, then what? On the other side of the coin, if you adopt and implement healthy habits that you enjoy and can sustain, you very well may breeze past the 12-week mark and begin a lifelong journey of a healthier and happier you!

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