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6 Benefits of weight training for ladies without getting bulky!

There is a huge misconception in the fitness world, particularly amongst ladies where the belief is that lifting weights will make them big or “bulk up”.

The analogy I often use for this is that the fear of a woman getting too big or bulky by lifting weights a couple times a week is the same as fearing that you will become a professional race car driver from simply driving around in your car on a daily basis.

This misconception is actually taking credit away from ladies who do want to gain muscle and become more ‘bulky’ as they know and understand the incredible commitment and dedication that is required in training and diet, and in some cases, even the use of external substances.

Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone are the two major hormones that are involved in building muscle and in most cases, men have way higher levels of these hormones than men do. It is found that women have 15 to 20% less concentration of testosterone than men do which means that it is scientifically way more difficult for women to gain muscle like men do!

The point of all this is to highlight the importance of weight training, especially for ladies without having a fear of what the weights will do to them. There are in fact great benefits to weight training for ladies such as the following

Improved Fat Loss

Lifting weights will help ladies to build lean muscle. The more lean muscle they have, the faster their metabolism will be causing you to burn more calories even at rest.

Enhance your mood and reduce stress

Weight training releases endorphins which help to reduce stress and fight depression

Gain Strength without Bulking

As mentioned above, bulking is really tough and why would you not want to be strong

Reduce risks of injury, back pain and arthritis

Weight training not only builds strength but increases bone density which helps prevent the risk of bone fractures. It also increases joint stability and builds stronger connective tissue which helps to prevent injury.

Stronger Athletic Performance

Having a stronger body will help in general with strength, endurance and agility, skills that are necessary in sports performance.

Reduce the risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes

Weight training also improves cardiovascular health by lowering bad cholesterol and blood pressure

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