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Calories, calories, calories!!! Can't counting them be EASIER!!!

Updated: Jan 18

Once we get serious about our training, we want to not only feel the results from training, but also see it and that next step is making sure that we have our diet in check! Not to say that doing Jack Knives to China and Back won't get abs but definitely with a clean meal plan this can be made a lot easier.

You don't put unleaded 93 into a rocket . Same thing goes for the body, if you want your body to perform like the world's best engine, you gotta put that quality fuel in, as 2000 Calories of Gummy Bears (not bashing Gummy Bears, we love them) is not the same as putting in 2000 Calories of Healthy Lean Protein, good Fats, and Complex carbs (Surprise! Surprise!)

I know we all get worried about how daunting this may seem to have to be told that you need to eat X amount of Calories, which must consist of so many Macros (protein/fats/carbs)? A lot of us get stumped trying to figure out how much that juicy 300gram beef Burger just cost you on those calories and, does that mean 300grams of beef means 300grams of Protein? The answer is Noooo, so how do we find out if a healthier denser meal that could be just as tasty may cost you less calories and fulfill your needs?


To tackle this beast, the easiest way once you know your caloric demands and how many Marco nutrients-(essential dietary elements such as protein/fats/carbs) you should be consuming a day is to look at an app and a kitchen Scale, the two new friends to your arsenal of making your life easier. With apps, tracking, logging and checking your daily caloric intake and Macros on any given item has gotten a whole lot easier.

There are many apps out there and we can look at, on the phone AppStore till we are BLUE in the face with hundreds of Apps all with 2.9 to 4.3 star ratings and trying to read every review. Rather we have done that already for you, trying and testing out these different apps, based on user experience, simplicity and does it actually get the job done and accurately, with a good user experience.


So to break it down here are our suggestions:

Calorie Counter/Tracker Apps: downloadable via your phone's app store.

  • MyFitnessPal

  • MyNetDiary

  • FatSecret


Simple is always better, and boy do these apps make it simple! Set your daily allotted Calories and how you want the Macros broken down e.g. 180grams Protein, 82grams of carbs, 100grams of fat etc. Then search their database or even add it, if it's not there, and find that health wrap you bought at the shops, of which it will tell you how many Calories and proteins, fats, and carbs per gram/serving you are getting out of it! So all you do then is weigh your food and input the weight, in some cases it is even as easy as scanning the barcode of the store bought food item!

Talk about keeping track of your daily consumption of food in check, with your own personalized food logbook, helping you stay on top of fueling your engine with the correct energy source and with the correct amounts!

Published By: André T Fritz

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