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Health is Wealth:

Updated: Jan 18

We have all heard the saying “Health is Wealth” and in particular in this day and age, taking care of one's well-being to increase longevity, quality of life, and combat epidemics. With this in mind being healthy could not be more important.

As we go through the stressors of life, it at times tends to get the best of us, so we need to make sure we are doing all we can to stay one step ahead and combat any stressors that may reduce the quality of our lives and one of the best remedies is Exercise! No Not (Extra-Bacon-and-Fries), but Exercise!

How is Exercise Good For Us?:

Benefits for Weight: We eat but, we do not burn all the energy (calories) we consume right of the bat and this is stored as fat, exercise however helps us burn more calories and speeds up the metabolism to put us in a better state to burn more fat (to look more into this click here).

Heart and Circulatory Health: Exercise improves our overall health and immune system, by helping us fight off certain bacteria and diseases better, as well as strengthening our heart muscle and increasing oxygen levels so our heart does not work so hard to pump blood through our circulatory system. This also includes reducing risks of heart disease such as high cholesterol, as weight loss reduces cholesterol and exercise stimulates enzymes to reduce bad cholesterol, meaning less heart disease and a healthy heart! Additionally exercise can lead to an increase in insulin sensitivity by regulating blood glucose levels meaning fighting diabetes as well.

Mental Health: It is no secret that mental stress is fast becoming an increasing way of life, however we do have the ability to use exercise to combat and keep this at bay. Exercise promotes a better mental state, by secreting the feel good hormone dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin (endorphins), these assist in combating anxiety and depression, which directly reduces stress and also promotes better sleep. If throwing heavy things around or breaking a cardio sweat session wasn't enough of a stress reducer, then at least getting some more sleep and reducing your anxiety levels should be a good enough reason to get fitter. With the improvements on mood and on an aesthetics level, this will start to increase your self confidence too, talk about a win-win for that “man in the mirror”!

Increased durability and reduce falls: As age creeps in, we get more fragile and weaker so why not fight that off, we get stronger by increasing bone density and muscle density, we also increase our coordination through exercise, which in-turn makes us more “durable” and able to handle falls, as well as less inclined to have accidents due to an increase in motor skills.


So if having a healthy heart, immune system, feeling better mentally and not getting into so many accidents, hasn’t made you decide to change your evolution from becoming one step closer to an actual potato on the couch, hopefully these last two points of benefits of exercising will catch your eye!

Start spending more time being Sexy and Getting the Sexy: With age and general inactivity, it is no secret that the appetite for certain evening delights goes down, but what if we told you that, that we can slow this down and in fact increase that appetite?!? Getting healthy promotes testosterone which is a major factor as a hormone to rev up our sexual desire (how you doing - vibe) and blood flow in the “ honeymoon bits”, additionally increased our overall stamina (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). This is a byproduct of regular exercise and fat lose, and thereby directly impacts your Sex Drive and increases your libido, never mind the mental state that exercise has on boosting ones confidence alone, so get training to feel sexy and get some more sexy time.

Longevity: So in summation all these great factors of exercise do lead to living a longer and better quality of life, increased heart, mental, sexual, circulatory health and fighting off disease better and making your body more durable, all lead to you being able to extend your life or at least give you a chance in extending it, by being more prepared for those life stressors and events that try sneak up on you. Wouldn’t that be reason enough wanting to live longer, if nothing else? So get out there and get active, as a rich man is not just a happy man but one who can enjoy a good quality of life.

Published By: André T Fritz

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