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I can just convert my fat to muscle later… Right?!?!?!

Updated: Jan 18

When going about our fitness journey there are several notions on how to approach one’s goals, and one of the most infamous notions is that “I am going to just eat to gain weight, so I can convert that fat to muscle when I am big enough.” This is a popular and highly obscured, and unhealthy approach which requires some re-evaluation.

Can Muscle Turn into Fat:

This misguided notion of turning fat into muscle could not be further from the truth, all it does is gives us the excuse to try and justify eating that cheeseburger and chocolate pudding we want in the name of chasing our “Gains” and believe we can rectify this later with ease, by lifting a few weights and running a little to get “Shripped”. However, our first wakeup call needs to acknowledge that, Fat and Muscle are two completely different forms of tissue and can not be transformed from one to the other. To put this into an analogy, it is like trying to turn a donkey into a horse and vice versa, something that may seem similar, but is physically impossible.

Meaning to the Muscle:

Muscle is a much denser tissue compared to fat and is composed of proteins, water and glycogen that is a metabolically active form of tissue, meaning it requires energy, which is the food that we put into our system. Therefore meaning the more muscle we have the more energy we burn.

Fat Facts:

Fat on the other hand is not as dense and loser in structure, consisting of 3 main fatty acids and is metabolically not as active as muscle, and if we eat and do not burn the necessary energy we have consumed it sits in our bodies storage unit doing nothing but taking up unwanted space.

What to Do?

Eating the right foods that do not store as fat, as well as by training hard, we can increase our muscular density or metabolically active tissue and in turn burn more fat. By cause and effect, we physically look and become more muscular and less inclined with fat, we are not changing that fat into muscle, but rather through muscle, actively melding the fat away.

Therefore, focus on eating right from the get go, build the foundation to a higher muscle density with keeping minimal fat storage to reduce doubling up on your work, yes this may be the hard route to get those gains, as size may seem slower to obtain, but think of the size gained to be harder, firmer, lasting and of the highest quality your body and make. Food for Thought - Would you rather build a house of quality brick and cement to hold a firm strong shape over time, with all the fine trimmings and stand the tests of time, or would you rather speed through it with cheaper options and have a misshapen home that is more susceptible to collapse?

Published By: André T Fritz

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