• Matthew Tarr

"I'm not losing weight and I was so good this week!"

This is something that I hear far too frequently when it comes to people becoming demotivated due to slow or no weight loss.

Weigh-loss is a result of energy balance. If you eat more calories than you burn, your weight will go up. If you eat less calories than you burn, your weight will come down. The problem is, it is far too easy to under estimate the amount of calories we eat and over estimate the amount of calories that we burn on a weekly basis.

You might agree that during the week it is a lot easier to manage and track your calories due to the fact that we are in more of a routine compared to the weekends. The sad truth is that we can actually undo an entire weeks worth of being in a calorie deficit by 'letting loose' on the weekend. Then we wonder why we are not getting the results that we are supposedly staying so disciplined to achieve.

3 Things I would recommend trying to prevent yourself from falling into this trap as shown in the image above would be:-

1) Try stick to a routine on the weekends and keep busy. Often over eating comes from being bored and not having anything to do! If you don't want to exercise because you do that all week, try and be somewhat active by going for a walk or hike or spend time plying with your kids!

2) If you are going out and planning on having a few drinks, don't eat badly as well! There unfortunately needs to be some sacrifice when going after the results that you want. Try and stick to low calorie drinks for example, brandy and coke zero instead of normal coke, or even whiskey and water. When choosing from the food menu try to make smart choices especially when you are drinking. Fill up on vegetables and not starch. And definitely try to have one of these days only once over the weekend!

3) Track your calories! As I mentioned earlier it can be very easy to under estimate the amount of calories that you eat within a weekend especially if you are not keeping track. Tracking these calories will help to keep you aware and accountable! That means you can have a few drinks sure, but at least you will be aware if you are going over your targets for the day or even the week!

Remember, we are definitely meant to enjoy life but discipline and a bit of sacrifice is required in order to reach your goals. If it was easy, everyone would be capable of doing it:-)

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