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Updated: Jan 18

Cardio vs Weight training and how effective both are, is a tale as old, as well the dawn of Fitness and how working out and training can benefit your longevity and has unsurmountable benefits to your everyday physical and emotional well being both long and short term.

Though there is some confusion of which route to take, in what an individual is trying to achieve and how to go about achieving these goals. Do we turn left and work in the realm of getting our Cardio going by doing Aerobic Workouts (running, cycling, rowing etc.), or do we turn right at the fork in the road and opt for Weight Training with Anaerobic Workouts (resistance training).


Well both facets of fitness development have their benefits, yes, the approach of going for a higher immediate calorie (energy) burn is more easily achieved with Cardio exercises. The benefits of doing Cardio are something not to be ignored. From strengthening your cardiovascular health (meaning we have a stronger heart), to reducing your bad cholesterol, and assisting in regulating your blood sugar, through reducing blood glucose levels and creating better insulin sensitivity. What this means is we can use our energy stores correctly instead of storing that piece of bread (carbohydrates) as fat, but rather use it as fuel. If we had to give a short understanding, where squats may exercise your glutes, hamstrings, quads and back, cardio is the exercise to train the heart muscle, so to train your boyd’s engine (heart) we need to do some engine training which requires energy from Oxygen (Aerobic). This leads to a healthy promotion of better blood flow throughout the body, which in turn assists in regulating blood pressure better. So when you are huffing and puffing on a run, know you are on the right track to effective heart health with some super benefits.


We have just taken a stroll down the benefits of Cardio and how effective it is, so let's now look at picking up a few interesting details about Weight training. Yes, Cardio is great at burning Calories fast and has great benefits to the heart, however it is not to say Weight Training does not have its effective perks either. Lifting weights, be it body weight or weights in the gym, having that resistance training or weight training, where we resist against a force or weight has a vast array of benefits. To dive into it, skeletal strength is increased by placing a certain amount of strain on our skeletal structure. It leaves room for them to be rebuilt stronger, and with the resistance of weight on the muscles causing micro tears allows them to repair even more densely, meaning stronger muscles and bones! Muscle is considered to be metabolically more active than fat, so by increasing our muscle density we then increase our caloric burn.


Furthermore, weight training increases our Testosterone levels (yes, women have testosterone too and it is a good thing). We use our Cholesterol to build more testosterone in turn the testosterone leads to more fat burning, meaning we decrease our Cholesterol and Fat. Yes Cardio burns more calories at a glance, however due to the influx of testosterone in your body that is naturally promoted while lifting, and the body needing to repair the muscles through micro tears, we experience an extended calorie burn which inevitably means we can burn more calories from weightlifting through an entire day, compared to that 1 hour Cardio bout. Inevitably, we still see benefits of lowering blood pressure, by strengthening the heart to pump more blood to our muscles under fatigue of weight training, and lower blood sugar levels by extracting sugars from the blood to repair and fuel the muscles.


Essentially both Cardio and Weight Training have great benefits that should not be dismissed, both work wonders for your heart health and your circulatory system! All forms of training have a tendency to create a better mood by increasing your levels in a hormone known as Serotonin, which is key to regulating your mood, and reduce cognitive decay, while leading to increases in our quality of sleep. Inevitably both forms of training are effective to ensure we are introducing cardio and weight training into our own regiments. Therefore, aim to take not the left nor the right path, but jet straight down the middle and attack your fitness with an arsenal of both Cardio and Weight lifting exercises for maximum benefits!

Published By: André T Fritz

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