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Why squat when you can wear track Pants? Am I right?

Updated: Jan 18

To answer the Topic above, the answer is plainly….. “WRONG!”

Frankly the squat and overall leg training is one of the best ways to fire up one of the biggest muscle groups in the entire human body “gluteus maximus” also commonly referred to as the “Booty.” Training legs particularly through squats, not only activates our glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps, but even your trap muscles, and helps us gauge our core by bracing for those heavier lifts and maintaining safe posture. Training through the movement of the squat in both the front and back rack positions, stimulates such a variety of muscles, hence why this is such a great compound movement (works multiple muscles at the same time). Compound movements, such as the squat, create an amazing caloric burn by stimulating so many muscles and demanding so much from our bodies, while using the variety of muscles to assist each other in creating support for heavier lifts and equating to bigger gains and fat burning capabilities. So to see overall development and balance in the body, NO do not avoid leg day! All foundations must be solid from the ground up, we have never seen a mighty oak tree with a tiny base, so strengthen and build that base.

To quote one of the greatest bodybuilders of our current generation “To neglect leg training is to neglect a major determinant of your growth” (Kai Greene)

So go out there and drop it like a squat

Published By: André T Fritz

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